Holistic Coaching

Why Holistic Coaching?

My holistic life coaching approach supports clients to empower themselves on their Life’s journey, by transforming challenges into real opportunities for self growth and spiritual growth. I use various alternative techniques to aid this transformative process whilst tapping into my intuition and wisdom. My approach is unique and authentic and very cozy thanks to my rich life experience, my profound spiritual journey, shamanic and tantra journey, energy work, Bach Flowers remedies, art therapy and much more


I consider my coaching approach a dance between the client and the coach. Each session is a unique adventure towards self discovering. Sometimes we get stuck in our own dramas and cannot see ourselves anymore, in this situation I become the mirror for the clients who try to liberate themselves from old patterns. Together with the client we wipe away the clouds to allow the light to shine through again transforming darkness into Light. Rather than looking back and being tied to past experiences or looking ahead and holding onto expectations of the future, we work together to find your tools to be more in the present moment. All we need is to tap into forgiveness, acceptance, discernment, gratitude to allow a relevant transformative shift in Life.


Areas I can support my clients:


  • Dealing with the challenges of being an expat, a trailing spouse, feeling unhappy with your life
  • Striving for personal and spiritual growth
  • Finding more clarity about who you are as a person
  • Rebalancing your life during a stressful period of depression, identity crisis and lack of grounding
  • Freeing yourself from a situation where you feel trapped/stuck in negative patterns 
  • Breaking codependency patterns or leaving a marriage
  • Having challenges to express freely your sexuality or setting boundaries
  • Dealing with chronic illness
  • Finding peace when you need to forget someone who deeply hurt you


If this resonates with you for more information please contact me at claudiamillucci@gmail.com to get an appointment or to book a 30 minutes online free session. For online sessions it is irrelevant where you are based or if you live close to Geneva we can meet in one of my studios either in Bellevue (Chambésy) and Bretigny (Pays de Gex- France).