Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease & co-infections

With Lyme disease you are most likely being challenged in so many ways physically and psychologically with symptoms such as extreme fatigue, intense pain, brain fog, memory’s loss, insomnia as well as anxiety and depression. And often in different areas of your life decide your health: relationships, career and finances. This disease which is still very difficult to understand and not easy to cure leaves many utterly weakened, misunderstood, lonely and desperate. 


I understand how you feel because I have been there – and it has been the darkest period of my life. I spent five months between hospitals and doctors offices without knowing what was going on with me. Then it took over ten months of intense medical treatments to heal Lyme disease and three co-infections. However, if we allow it to, our biggest challenges can be transformed into our biggest gifts and darkness can be transformed into Light. Now I know I had to lose myself in order to find my true self and thrive. But before I thrived, I had to crack, then break, then shatter. Only then, slowly piece after piece, I reconstructed and healed. This experience has taught me invaluable lessons, above all: loving myself. I am now very gratefully supporting others on this extremely hard journey. 


How I can support you:


My practice as a Holistic coach and Yoga teacher is about personal empowerment. I am dedicated to hearing you, knowing you, understanding you and together using your challenges as an opportunity for self-growth. 


We work on how to:


– come into emotional healing and balance,

– connect to your body and intuition,

– formulate a strategy for your path towards health,

– get organized with regards to your medication, supplementation and detoxification,

– recognize and handle healing crises (“Herxheimer”), 

– find ways to bring back joy into your days (for example through yoga, meditation and breathing practices),

– bring you into alignment with a new vision for your life

…and much more.

Overcoming Lyme disease – or even several tick-borne infections at once – can seem impossible, but it is not. I encountered many ups and downs on my healing journey and was overwhelmed and lost countless times. During that process I have learned how to find strength and belief within oneself, but also how to ask for, find and accept nurturing and support from outside. Talking to somebody who understands and encourages you can make all the difference. I can support you, validating your experience, reminding you that yes, healing is possible and giving you tools to face “your darkness.”



I would have never thought that illness can lead to the most incredible turn around and profound healing. But my life has proven what poet Rumi so well captured in this poem: 


“If you desire healing, 

let yourself fall ill

let yourself fall ill.”  



If that resonates with you please contact me I am available to discuss further and meet in my office in Chambessy (near Geneva) or in Cessy at Espace 77 (France) or Online.