Vinyasa Yoga

Why Yoga?

I started practicing yoga while living in Nepal 12 years ago during my first pregnancy. Yoga helped me to experience a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful and natural labour where I felt in tune with the flow of Life. My yoga practice became part of my daily life. Yoga supported my healing process when I got sick with Lyme disease releasing energetic blockages in my body along with numerous holistic-alternative healing approaches.

Yoga has allowed me to be more mindful about the kinds of food I introduce into my body and to consider food as a sacred source of energy. I also explored the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence) applied into all the aspects of my daily life which inspired me to be a more compassionate being towards all creatures and to connect more deeply with my body, my soul and my heart. Yoga led me to a tantric path, which became an important aspect of my spiritual journey. After being healed from lyme disease, I felt the desire to make my contribution to the world by sharing with others the benefit that its practice has had in my life. And I wanted to teach about the flow of movements that connects me to the stillness and the awareness of my breath.

Vinyasa is a style of yoga where the movement is coordinated with your breath and movement to flow from one pose to another. It is also referred to as Flow yoga. My ≈ individual and group Vinyasa classes offer a specific pace and flow with a large variety of postures for beginners- intermediate- advanced yogis.  My classes are also an opportunity to explore: Osho dynamic meditations, Ahimsa (non-violence), Yoga Nidra, nostrils breathing techniques and meditative walks. I organize outdoors yoga classes in Nature when the weather allows it.


I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Feel free to contact me for yoga studio sessions in Bretigny (France) and individual sessions in Geneva and surrounding areas.