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Who I Am

claudia millucci

Before I became an holistic coach and yoga teacher I spent more than 10 years working in conflict and post-conflict areas in East Europe, Africa and Asia as a child protection specialist. I was very passionate about my job. They have all been incredibly enriching and profound life’s experiences even though eventually Life had other plans for me.

Life guided me to a profound personal transformation: from volunteering in extremely difficult conditions in war-torn countries to working with the United Nations; from ultimate adventures in some of the most remote and beautiful corners of this planet to becoming a trailing spouse and a stay-at-home mother to two beautiful souls; from depression to an inspiring shamanic-tantric path; from chronic Lyme disease to holistic healing, from holistic coach and yoga teacher to unimaginable spiritual doors opening within me! My healing journey along with my spiritual awakening allowed me to heal my body and my soul and to reach a more balanced life.

I have finally surrendered and with it experienced the magic of Life. The concept of Karma began to resonate deeply within me, and I understood how my own life’s experiences were simply tests which Life had brought to me in order to learn the lessons that I needed. I believe we are all like students attending the school of Life.  Now I have the opportunity to bring my passion and the lessons I have learned through that journey into my work with my clients.  


I live in the countryside in France close to Geneva (Switzerland) and I have been an expat for the past 20 years. I have two children, and I understand well the challenges and the beautiful opportunities at same time that expat life, intercultural marriage, cultural differences and parenting children abroad may bring.


I believe our challenges are great opportunities for self development and spiritual growth and sometimes we just need some support to get “unstuck” and start seeing the light again.  I offer my support through my Holistic Coaching sessions and Vinyasa Yoga classes.  I will support you by sharing my holistic approach, my spiritual practice as well as my passion for Life and Mother Nature.  If the words Gratitude, Compassion, Love, Truth, Forgiveness, Presence resonates with you, then you are in the right place to share in part of the journey together.   


Feel free to contact me for more information about online sessions or if you live close to Geneva in my studio in Bellevue or in Bretigny (Pay de Gex-France). To make an appointment please contact me at:

My credentials: trainings & experiences

2020  Transformative coach training, Coach Masters Academy, Singapore

2020   Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, YTT 200h, Sampoorna Yoga

2020   Bach Flower training, Gex, France

2019   Phoenix Awakening, 7 days, Poland 

2019   Four Pillars of Tantra, 7 days, Holland 

2019   Temple of Love, 7 days, Holland 

2018   Heart iQ Experience, 2 days, Switzerland

2018   Intro: Four Pillars of Tantra, 2 days, Switzerland 

2018   Red Dakini Priestess Training, 7 days, Turkey 

2018   White Diking Priestess Training, 7 days, Bali 

2014   Hata Yoga retreat, Leluvia, 3 days, Fiji 

2013   Kundalini Yoga retreat, Nadi, Fiji

2009   Vinyasa Yoga, Kathmandu, Nepal

2009   Master degree in Child Protection,Ferrara, Italy

2000   Bachelor  degree in Social Work, Perugia, Italy

Previous working experiences:

2016   Therapeutic support for self-identified pedophiles, University of Geneva, Switzerland

2015   Child protection specialist, authored publication, UNICEF-UNFPA, Fiji 

2007   Child protection officer with child soldiers, United Nations Mission in Nepal, Nepal

2005   Child Protection specialist with street children, VIS, Bujumbura, Burundi

2003   Child Protection officer with ROMA’s children, VIS, Tirana, Albania

2002   Volunteer with HIV-AIDS’s orphans, NFSC, Uganda 

2000   Social worker with patients affected by HIV-AIDS, I Tulipani, Perugia, Italy


I speak Italian, English and French fluently therefore I offer coaching and yoga sessions sessions in the three languages.

For more information about me you can read my philosophy page